GANADO Advocates is the exclusive member firm for Malta of Lex Mundi, the world’s leading association of independent law firms. Lex Mundi is the Mark of Excellence for legal services globally. With more than 21,000 lawyers in 560 offices, Lex Mundi member firms are present in more than 100 countries, states and provinces. These premier law firms provide legal representation and local market knowledge just about anywhere needs may arise.

Lex Mundi Member

Through the Lex Mundi World Ready network we can connect our clients to:

Quality Representation
Lex Mundi’s top-tier member firms are committed to providing not only exceptional legal work but superior client service as well. Each firm is admitted only after substantial due diligence and must undergo regular quality and peer review procedures to retain membership in the network.

Preeminent Law Firms
Lex Mundi member firms are among the most experienced, most knowledgeable in their jurisdictions. They deliver indigenous insight, a market-specific focus and global connections to a diverse range of domestic and international clients.

Local Market Knowledge and Industry Sector Experience
Through their indigenous insight – local knowledge built from hands-on, accrued experience of how markets develop and the forces and factors that affect them – Lex Mundi member firms have the connections and capabilities to help shape innovative strategies for clients in any industry, at any level, virtually any place in the world. Lex Mundi member firms deliver unmatched “on-the-ground” expertise to clients.

Solutions for Complex Legal Challenges
Member firms have the local-market knowledge, experience and understanding necessary to handle clients’ complex challenges and opportunities, including mergers and acquisitions; private equity; project finance; capital markets (debt and equity); litigation and dispute resolution; corporate governance; intellectual property; real estate; and labour and workforce issues in a wide variety of industry sectors.

Seamless Service
Lex Mundi’s global network is an unrivalled resource for clients seeking solutions for cross-border transactions, matters and disputes across multiple jurisdictions. For multijurisdictional work, each member firm is able to call on the network to assemble expert cross-border client teams. The Lex Mundi seamless service protocols and common client best practices help ensure streamlined, predictable and therefore cost-effective delivery. Our clients have the ease of working with a single member firm – while benefiting from the local knowledge, resources and connections of multiple Lex Mundi member firms.

Global Reach
Lex Mundi’s broad international coverage, including 21,000 lawyers in 160 member firms spanning 100+ countries, ensures that our clients receive the fullest possible range of services from legal professionals who have in-depth, region-specific expertise in every major jurisdiction.