GA contributes to the first edition of The Insurance & Reinsurance Law Review

Authors: Matthew Bianchi
Published on May 20, 2013
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Practices: Insurance & Reinsurance Corporate, Insurance & Reinsurance Regulation
During May 2013, Law Business Research Ltd published the first edition of The Insurance & Reinsurance Law Review. This review was edited by Peter Rogan (Ince & Co LLP) and covers the legal and regulatory regime for insurance and reinsurance undertakings in 22 jurisdictions, including the US, Germany and Malta. GANADO Advocates has contributed the Malta chapter in this first edition which can be read or downloaded by clicking on the link below.

Malta to legislate for insurance securitisation

Authors: Matthew Mizzi
Published on June 26, 2013
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Practices: Debt Capital Markets, Derivatives, Financial Markets Regulation, Insurance & Reinsurance Corporate, Structured Finance & Securitisation, Trusts & Foundations
Malta’s financial services regulator, the Malta Financial Services Authority (the MFSA), published for consultation in May 2013 a draft version of the Reinsurance Special Purpose Vehicle (RSPV or SPRV) Regulations. These new regulations will bolster Malta's role as an alternative risk transfer domicile. We provide you with a brief outline of the draft SPRV Regulations as they stood on 17 June, 2013.

The Solvency II Interim Measures: Is the Market Ready?

Authors: Beppe Sammut
Published on June 28, 2013
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Practices: Insurance & Reinsurance Regulation
For the last decade or so a risk-focused approach has been adopted and applied across the financial services industry. This is also the case in the insurance industry where risk-management is considered to be essential for the solvency and sustainability of insurance undertakings and for the safeguarding and protection of policyholders.