Matthew at SMP

On Friday 22nd April, the Small- and Medium- Sized Practices (SMP) Advisory Committee within the Malta Institute of Accountants organised its seventh annual SMP Forum. Year on year, the forum sees the participation of a wide array of speakers discussing key topics of interest for SMPs, as well as an increasing number of delegates attending, reaching over 100 attendees this year.

Dr Karl Grech Orr and Dr Matthew Attard, who form part of GANADO Advocates’ Shipping Practice, were invited to deliver a presentation about the roles of the Company Secretary and the Director as defined under Maltese Laws. Dr Grech Orr spoke about the Company Secretary’s main statutory duties, providing practical examples of the problems encountered by the Secretary in fulfilling such duties. Dr Attard, on the other hand, delivered a presentation on the Director’s role, describing the duties, powers, liabilities, obligations and governance of such role, whilst show-casing this in light of a recent case.