The Company Service Providers (Fees) Regulations, 2015, were published by means of Legal Notice 27 of 2015. These Regulations have established that:

  • the fee for applying with the MFSA to register as a CSP (payable upon submission of the application, irrespective of whether this is eventually accepted or not) is of EUR250 (as an application fee);
  • the fee payable by a CSP authorised as such by the relevant regulatory authority in an approved jurisdiction, in order to offer CSP services in Malta, is likewise of EUR250 (as a notification fee);
  • the annual supervisory fee for registered CSPs is of EUR500 payable during the month of January of the relevant year (pro rata for the first year and thereafter in full for subsequent years);
  • similarly the annual supervisory fee for CSPs whose notification is confirmed by the MFSA is of EUR500 per annum, payable pro rata for the first year, and thereafter annually in full in January.

None of the fees established by this Regulation are refundable.