The Ministry for Tourism has published its vision and policy for the aviation industry in a consultation document entitled “A Civil Aviation Policy for Malta 2014 – 2020”.

This document outlines the Government’s backing towards the aviation industry and the main structures which it aims to put in place over the next few years in order to continue to strengthen the Maltese aviation sector. A few of the initiatives which have been proposed are the following:

– The enactment of a Civil Aviation Authority Act and the establishment of a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA);

– The establishment of a General and Business Aviation Terminal;

– The improvement of Malta’s hub connectivity and long-haul services;

– The commitment to ensure that the Aircraft Register adds quality and not mere volume;

– The re-establishment of an air-link between Malta and Gozo;

– The production of an Airport Zone Master Plan which will seek to regulate planning aspects around the Malta airport;

GANADO Advocates have previously assisted the Government in drafting the Aircraft Registration Act 2010 and welcome the Government’s vision and policy 2014 – 2020. It is our view that this will benefit the Maltese aviation industry and we look forward to providing our views on how we believe this industry can continue to flourish.

A public consultation web form is available for comments and a copy of the policy can be read or downloaded by clicking here.