On the 7th January 2015, the Malta Financial Services Authority issued the new Regulations and Pension Rules under the Retirement Pensions Act, with effect from 1st January 2015.

The aim of the new Pension Rules is to supplement the legal framework for the licensing and regulation of retirement schemes, retirement funds and service providers related thereto, as well as for the requirement of recognition for persons carrying on back-office administrative activities and includes more detailed regulatory requirements by which persons licensed or recognised under the Retirement Pensions Act are required to comply with.

The following Legal Notices under the Retirement Pensions Act have been published:


        • LN 3 of 2015 – Special Funds (Revocation) Regulations, 2015


        • LN 4 of 2015 – Retirement Pensions Act, 2011


        • LN 5 of 2015 – Retirement Pensions (Transitional Provisions) Regulations, 2015


        • LN 6 of 2015 – Retirement Pensions Act (Exemption) Regulations, 2015


        • LN 7 of 2015 – Retirement Pensions (Control of Assets) Regulations, 2015


        • LN 8 of 2015 – Retirement Pensions (Defined Benefit Retirement Schemes) Regulations, 2015


        • LN 9 of 2015 – Retirement Pensions (European Passport Rights for Institutions for Occupational Retirement Provision) Regulations, 2015


      More information on the related legislation and regulations can be accessed by clicking on the following links: