With past experiences and successes in mind, GANADO Advocates has once again been proactive and come forward with a broad vision for the future role that Malta should play in the IP industry.

This vision was presented to the Honourable Minister for the Economy, Investment and Small Business, Dr Chris Cardona. We are glad to note that the Minister embraced our suggestions for a project, which was given the name of “Making Malta an IP hub” and which was formally launched on Monday 24 November 2014.

During the launch of this project Minister Cardona confirmed that a Steering Committee to handle recommendations from those who wish to contribute to this project will be appointed.

The professional contributors will be led and managed by GANADO Advocates, who conceived and put forward the proposal, together with Nexia BT as co-project managers.

The role of the project managers will be that of organising and coordinating the initial phase of the studies, collecting the various proposals made by professional contributors and passing these on to the Steering Committee for further direction.

Dr Max Ganado, who also addressed those present, spoke about the vision and project concept in greater detail, and thanked Minister Cardona for his support and assistance in this initiative.

All parties interested in participating in this initiative and in providing their expertise and assistance, are encouraged to register their interest by sending an email to:




Read more about making Malta an Intellectual Property Hub by clicking here for an article by Dr Max Ganado and Dr Paul Micallef Grimaud.

The presentation delivered during the launch of this project can be viewed by clicking here.